block ads while supporting the free and open web

Blocking ads doesn’t mean you can’t support the internet. 

OBlocker keeps you safe from privacy-intruding advertisements and malware, saving data costs and protecting your privacy while still allowing the publishers you know and love to earn off their work.

Publishers: Claim your accumulated earnings here.

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How does OBlocker work?

Block all ads

Blocks banner ads, pop-ups, trackers, malware with ad blockers such as OBlocker’s own ad-blocker, or alternatives like uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus! This helps you save on data costs and protects your privacy.

Save Lives

Folding proteins helps find and test solutions to diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Here are a list of papers published as a result of the findings.

Fold Proteins

Your spare computing power is used to fold proteins on Stanford’s Folding@Home network, rewarding you with small amounts of a cryptocurrency called Curecoin which can be sold for money. 

Support your Favorite Publishers

You can enjoy your favorite websites like the New York Times ad-free without hurting their revenue, as OBlocker automatically sends your Curecoin to them.

Looking for more technical details?

Since Google Chrome doesn’t allow cryptocurrency mining in extensions, oBlocker works as a  a desktop program. So far, the only platform supported is Windows. The desktop program automatically uses 25% of your computer’s spare processing power to fold proteins on Stanford’s Folding@Home network to earn Curecoin. This can be disabled at any time. Once you download and install oBlocker, you can choose a few websites you would like to support. At the end of each month, oBlocker pays the websites you visited.

Block Popups with Popper Stopper Pro

While oBlocker works with any and all ad blockers, we highly recommend Popper Stopper Pro. Available for Google Chrome, it allows users to automatically block any popup and popunder ads that show up. It is incredibly simple to use and install, working outside the box but still including customizable features. Popups are some of the most intrusive forms of advertising, so using Popper Stopper Pro will improve your browsing experience immensely.

About Me

Hey, I’m Ryan Chang. I built my first website when I was 12, and still run a network of websites. As a site owner myself, I began to realize the issues surrounding advertising – rampant bot fraud, ad-blocking on the rise, privacy and malware implications, etc. and how outdated the ad-supported model of the internet is.  

That’s why I started OBlocker. I believe that in-browser, user-side cryptocurrency mining presents an exciting opportunity as a new model to support publishers and replace advertisements.


My mission is to maintain a free and open web by developing an alternative source of monetization for websites. 

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Early 2018 – Ideation

May 2018 – Website Estabilished

June 2018 – Wrote up a 3-page project summary

July 2018 – Created a basic demo/prototype extension of the concept, which blocks ads/trackers and is able to run code in the background.

August 2018 – Built an demo ad-blocking Chrome Extension to get feedback. Began development on the desktop companion app for mining.

October 2018 – Alpha version of Desktop app finished and released.

November 2018 ~ January 2019 – Continued improvements and testing

February 2019:

– Partnership with Popper Stopper Pro announced.